Here are 14 ideas to help make this Valentine’s Day one of the most memorable ever!

1 Recreate your first date, including conversation if possible

What’s more romantic than recreating your first date together. If you can, go back to the same place and relive the moment together. If you can’t go back to the same place, then just do your best to make it as close as possible.

2 Watch the sunrise together

Get up early, grab some coffee, and head out to the best spot in your area to watch the sunrise. If mornings aren’t your thing, check out the sunset instead.

3 Breakfast in bed

Surprise the one you love with breakfast in bed. You could cook breakfast together and then take things back to the bedroom.

4 Wake your spouse up to a romantic massage

Order some massage oil from Amazon, light some candles, and wake up your partner with a massage.

5 Allow your spouse to teach you a sport

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to only be about candles and dinner! Take turns teaching each other a different sport. We suggest something physical!

6 Play videos games

Bust out the console for a classic game of Mario or the latest version of call of Duty.

7 Pottery class like ghost

What better time to recreate this iconic scene than on Valentine’s Day? With a quick Google search, you should be able to find a class in your area.

8 Paint two canvasses

You can take a painting class where you are painting a picture together, but you each paint half of the picture. There are plenty of kits that you can order online if you’d rather stay home.

9 Meet in a hotel lobby or bar as though you don’t know each other and end up in a room upstairs.

Remember when you tried to pick up your significant other? Here’s your chance to do it all over again. Make sure one of you reserves the room ahead of time!

10 Go to a comedy show

There is something about laughing together that connects us in more ways than one. Look for a show not far from you, or hit up the latest comedy special on Netflix.

11 Rage room

Nothing says love like violently destroying stuff! It truly is a bonding experience.

12 Trivia night

Hit up a local spot that is hosting a trivia night. For those preferring a more quiet night at home, put on Jeopardy or bust out Trivial Pursuit.

13 Read each other hand written love notes out loud.

Write your significant other a love note, and then read it to them out loud at dinner on Valentine’s Day. This is similar to couples who write vows for each other at their weddings and vow renewals. It’s one thing to read a love note from the one that you love, but it’s so much better to hear it in their voice.

14 Virtual cooking class

For just about any recipe that you want to make, there is a YouTube tutorial for how to make it. Get the ingredients ahead of time and spend some romantic time in the kitchen making Valentine’s dinner together.

These are just a few ideas to get your creativity going. It’s your Valentine’s Day, so do the things that you think will make it special.