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Read on to find out what people are saying about the Family Meeting podcast as well as Thomas & Lysandra’s speaking enagements.


The Family Meeting Podcast has been a tremendous resource and encouragement to me as a mom and wife! Thomas and Lysandra have a love for the Lord and a passion for seeking His will in parenting and marriage that is inspiring and infectious. Their communication style is open and sincere, yet hilarious and entertaining all at once! I usually find myself laughing out loud multiple times per episode, but I still walk away with a desire to implement something new to try to improve my life as a Christian. They do a great job of using God’s word to support their ideas as well as giving transparent examples of personal successes and struggles. They are dear friends to our family, and I can attest that what they speak about on the podcast and how they interact is sincere and very real. They taught our family about what the love of Jesus really looks like at a time in our life when we most needed it.   Having this podcast in my earbuds each week is such a blessing because although we live miles apart now, I still feel their love and encouragement!

Bri Steffens

Family meeting is relevant and entertaining. It has proven to be a helpful tool in raising our children and building our marriage with strong Christian values. Each week I look forward to listening & learning. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication put into this high quality, Christian production.

Adrienne McCauley

Endearing, engaging, and entertaining. Quite simply the best family podcast on the web. I recommend this to all my Christian friends looking for help and community in the areas of marriage, family, and child rearing.

Evan Steele

Definitely a 10, its so awesome to have two people who can totally relate to every day life, be completely honest, yet classy also, you two are the definition of relationship goals, parent goals, life goals, etc..

Robert Hull


It has been an honor and a privilege to know Thomas and Lysandra Osterkamp for several years now. God knit our hearts together from the moment we met to now. My husband and I have had the privilege of hosting a marriage retreat at our church with them as our guest speakers. They did a phenomenal job and it was very impactful in ways that we are still seeing today. I highly recommend them. If you are looking for a husband and wife team that presents very practical insights for a healthy marriage,  they are that couple.  They are not only effective in marriage seminars,  but also in parenting and family seminars.

Cheryl Grover

My wife & I have attended several of Thomas and Lysandra’s marriage conferences. They were funny and engaging speakers that shared great Biblical perspectives on how marriage was intended along with practical application for couples today, and hilarious stories of personal triumphs and failures. There was also a good balance of group learning and intentional relationship building for individual couples. We have grown closer to one another and closer to God through each conference and would recommend to any couple at any stage of life and marriage!

Dusty and Ashley Beasley

Thomas and Lysandra have such a great spirit in everything they do. They put everything they can into ministering to your heart and your family. Their openness and vulnerability with their own lives and family make it easy for people to relate. Their attention to details in the conferences, podcast episodes, or even just Facebook groups makes everything they do meaningful and memorable. If you haven’t listened to their podcast then you’re missing out! If you have listened to their podcast you know they love to laugh and enjoy their ministry! You will be blessed by each episode, session, or sermon that they present! Very highly recommend as the real deal for Jesus!

Ryan Livingston

I have been blessed to have gotten to know Thomas and Lysandra over the past couple of years. I must say they really are a joy to be around. The love of Jesus shines through their ministry and shows in their family. They don’t shy away from the tough topics and bring a clear perspective always rooted in God’s word.

Bobby Hunt


Thomas will speak to your heart each time that you hear him, because he has a heart for God and a heart for people.

Ryan Livingston

Lead Pastor, Southside Baptist Church in Sarasota, Florida

Thomas has a gift for delivering powerful truths with a heart of genuine compassion for each listener.

John Jupp

Lead Pastor, Grace Baptist Church in Brandon, Florida

Thomas is an encourager & it shows in his biblically sound & practically helpful teaaching that will be a blessing to any church.

Matt McMorris

Lead Pastor, Grace Valley Church in Lodi, Wisconsin


Lysandra’s energetic storytelling captivates audiences young and old. Her charming, approachable speaking invites the listener into Lysandra’s own life and leaves them with true wisdom to apply to their own life.

Ashley Beasley

Lysandra is not ashamed or too proud to share her struggles or challenges that she and her family face in hopes to help others.

Kristi Grimm

Colleen Gilchrist