A little respect goes a long way in a relationship. The little ways that you show respect every single day make a big difference. Here are 3 very simple ways that you can show your spouse you respect them.

1. Ask Their Opinion.

Asking your spouse their opinion implies a couple things. It immediately implies you believe they are smart and have reliable advice. It says to them, “What you think is valuable to me”. It proves to them they are a valid source of help. Think of how you feel when someone asks you what you think about something. You feel respected; you feel important.

2. Check with Them Before Making Plans.

When you make your plans after consulting your spouse, you are showing your respect for them. This shows you value them enough to consider their schedule and their plans. Organizing your schedule while valuing theirs shows great respect. As you make your plans around theirs, you show them not only how important they are to you, but also how important the things about which they care are to you.

3. Verbally Validate Their Ideas.

Show your respect for your spouse by verbalizing your approval and agreement of their ideas. When they share an idea, a plan, a goal, or a victory verbalize how impressed you are with them and their accomplishments. Say things like, “Great idea!”, “Smart Plan!”, “I’m Impressed!”, Well done!”, and “I’m proud of you!” Lines like these said genuinely will communicate respect.

Make a conscience effort this week to show your spouse you respect them. What are some other ways that you can show your spouse that you respect them?