Why would you put sex on your calendar? Isn’t sex supposed to be fun and spontaneous? It certainly can be, but unfortunately life isn’t always like your favorite romantic comedy. Isn’t it funny how something that is so full of pleasure can often bring so much contention into a relationship?

Part of the problem is the false expectations that movies and tv shows have set for us. Everything on tv is scripted! That’s the reason why it always looks so easy and spontaneous. It isn’t reality!

My reality includes a job, 4 teenage daughters, and a number of other responsibilities. There are often late nights and early mornings, and to be honest sometimes I’m just too tired for sex. No matter what my mind says, I’m not 23 anymore. Lysandra has a lot of her own things going on too. So finding the right time and right place to make time for each other can take work.

I’m sure that each of you have a lot of things going on in your lives as well. Life is busy! And it pulls each of us in a hundred different directions. You have to prioritize time with each other. If you don’t, sex can become a major point of conflict in your relationship.

So sit down right now with your calendar and your spouse and take some time to schedule sex. You will both be glad that you did! Although you may want to have a code word for it, just in case someone catches a glance at your calendar. Happy scheduling!