Having a hard time trying to decide what you should do this winter? Here are 10 winter date ideas to help you keep things interesting all season long. Take some time over the next couple of days to get some of these date ideas on your calendar.

1. Explore a new restaurant together.

We all have our go-to favorite places to eat, but it’s time to switch things up. Pick out a restaurant that neither of you have been to before and try something different. Who knows, you might just find your new favorite place!

2. Check out an escape room.

What’s better than being locked in a room with the person that you love? How about having to solve a mystery and some puzzles to get out. Escape rooms are a great way to practice communication and learn how to work together. Don’t worry, they will eventually let you out if you can’t get out on your own. Plus, you can usually find a Groupon for an escape room near you.

3. Have a snowman building contest.

For all of you couples that live up north, here’s a date night like no other. You can get some exercise and use your creativity by having a snowman building contest. Take pictures and post them on social media, but don’t let them know who built what snowman. Have people vote on who they think built the best snowman. The winner gets to pick your next date night.

4. Serve at a food pantry.

Winter can be a very difficult time for the less fortunate. Instead of going out to dinner, take the money that you would have spent and go pick up some supplies for your local food pantry. While you are dropping them off, stick around and help serve a meal. There’s something about helping others that draws you closer together.

5. Order food in and rent a movie.

Sometimes when it’s cold outside, you just don’t feel like going anywhere! Winter is a great time to order food in from your favorite restaurant, and with streaming you don’t have to go out to rent a movie anymore either. To make things fair, have one person pick the restaurant and one person pick the movie. Next time you don’t feel like going out, just swap who picks the restaurant and who picks the movie.

6. Take a drive to look at Christmas lights.

Make up some hot chocolate to go and jump in the car. Turn on some Christmas music and drive around and look at some Christmas lights. It’s easy to find lists of houses and places that go all out decorating for Christmas. Whether you want to stay close to home or venture further out, there are plenty of lights to look at to get you in the Christmas spirit.

7. Take a bath together.

Steam things up by gathering together your favorite, bath bombs, salts, and oils. Light some candles and set them around the bathroom to set the mood. Turn on your favorite music and just enjoy some time together.

8. Bake your favorite cookies together.

Make a list of ingredients and toppings that you will need and then go shopping together to get everything that you will need. Make, bake, and decorate your cookies together. Save some for yourselves and then make up plates of cookies to take to your neighbors. For added bonus points, take them everything that they need for a hot chocolate bar too.

9. Take a local painting class.

Do a quick online search for painting classes in your area and you will quickly find one. There are classes where you each paint your own painting or where each of you paint half of the canvas. No matter your skill levels, you will have some laughs, make some memories, and maybe even pick up a new hobby. Check Groupon in your area for discounts.

10. Go sledding.

Head to the store and buy yourself a cheap sled. Then it’s time to bundle up and hit the slopes together. When you get tired of walking back up the hill, grab some hot food from your favorite restaurant and share your sledding memories from your childhood with each other.

Don’t get stuck in a dating rut this winter. Take advantage of what these colder months have to offer and do something new or out of the ordinary. Winter is a great time to heat up your relationship.