“She stole my barbie!” My four-year-old cries. “It’s mine!” screams my five-year-old. “I’m hungry!” says my two-year-old, as she tugs at my skirt. All the while my infant is crying because it’s time to nurse. I stand there, exhausted, looking around at my chaos, and take a deep breath. I whisper a little prayer, “Help me, God.”

Life gets crazy when you’re a mother with young children. You seldom have a moment of quiet. You rarely find a minute of rest. Privacy is a thing of the past. You can’t even take a shower without kids pounding on the door or just bursting right through it.

I remember going what felt like days without adult conversation. Discussions in my life consisted of potty updates and tea party menus. Between the fighting, the trampling up and down the stairs, the happy screaming, the crying, and the constant noise; there were days where my kids were driving me crazy!

Mom, when you begin to feel this way, you need a break! It’s time to hire a sitter and go out to dinner. It’s time to ask Dad for help. Take a night off. It’s time to put everyone down for a nap, including yourself. Invite another tired mom to go out for coffee and enjoy some adult conversation.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. If you’re starting to feel like your children are driving you crazy, get away. If you take a little time off, you will feel so much better when you return to your little blessings. You shouldn’t feel guilty for needing some time away. Everyone needs a break; you are no exception.

Don’t be a hero, don’t play the martyr. Ask for help, take the break, schedule the mom date, or take a nap. Taking care of yourself is the best way to take care of your family.