Have you ever made a choice that you instantly regretted?

Most often it happens to me with food. In the morning, I make a commitment to get healthy and lost a little weight and by the time that bedtime comes around I have already blown my diet on whatever junk food presented itself that day.

I failed to weigh out what was most important long term with what I wanted in the moment.

Have you ever been there before?

Now that all of us are feeling shame and regret, let’s turn the conversation towards our family relationships.

We need to be making decisions every single day that are what’s best for our relationships long term, not just what we want right now.

What do I want my marriage to look like in ten years? That should change the way that I treat my spouse today. When we are thinking short term, we are only concerned with our own needs and wants. When I am thinking about what I want my marriage to look like a decade from now, I’m concerned with how I can invest in and build up my spouse.

What do I want my relationships with my children to look like when they are grown up? That will change the way that we interact with our kids today.

Take time to weigh out what’s best long term for your family relationships today. One day you will be glad that you did!