“When we move we won’t have any friends!”

My daughters were devastated to leave their friends in Iowa when we shared the news we were about to move them 1,300 miles away.

Their statement was true. We moved to an area where we didn’t know a single person. Even though we were going to work with a church, everyone in the church were strangers to them.

One of my first priorities when we moved was to find my children friends. I was burdened to think that my 10 year old daughter would have no one at her birthday party a month later. I’m happy to say she was overjoyed when there were around 30 people at her birthday party only four weeks after arriving in our new home!

If your children are new to an area, in a new season of life, or struggle to make friends, here’s some practical tips you can use to help your children find good friendships.

1. Get on social media groups where there are families with similar interests.

People you’re going to click with and become best friends with don’t usually just show up on your doorstep. You have to go find them. So get on the Facebook group where you can find people with similar interests.

We are a home school family so we joined every Facebook homeschool group in our area. Maybe your kids are into taekwondo, maybe it’s robotics, or soccer. Whatever their interests find a social media group with other kids who like the same things, and then message families to schedule meet ups.

Not every kid you meet or family you get together with will be the right fit, But at some point you’re going to find a good friend for your child.

2. Reach out to a neighbor with kids similar ages.

Pay attention in your neighborhood where there are things like basketball hoops, trampolines, and bicycles. Those neighbors most likely have kids that are your children’s potential new friends. Take walks or ride bikes and if you can catch them outside introduce yourself. The key is don’t be shy. Be a go-getter!

I’ve hung out the window of my mini van waving down neighbors to introduce myself and my children. Of course my kids are super embarrassed but they’ve made really great friendships that way!

3. Plug in quickly to a church.

The best place to find good friendships for your children is in a church setting. So find a church with like-minded people and plug-in quickly. When your children have common interests with other children in the church, invite those families over for a grill out or to the park to hang out.

4. Be pro active.

You can’t sit back on the sidelines. If you do that, your children will never find friendships. You have to be proactive. You cannot sit back and wait for friendships to develop, go find good friends for your children.

Frustrated your kids don’t have friends? You as a parent have the ability to change that!

Your children are depending on you to help them with this. They can’t do it on their own.

Begin today to facilitate friendships for your children.