Most of us have played tug of war at least once in our lives. It’s a sport with a simple premise, but one filled with strategy.

The goal is simple, just pull the other team to the center line and you win.

What I love about the sport is the complete team effort that it takes to win. Every person must be in rhythm as they hang and as they pull. If someone hangs when they should be pulling, then they will certainly lose.

Like a team in tug of war, a family should work to be in rhythm too.

Life gets so busy and wants to pull each member of our family in different directions. Things like work, school, church, sports, friends, and a host of other things can take us in multiple directions.

Rather than letting these things pull us in a thousand different directions, we need to pull them in the direction that we want our family to go. They are all a very important part of our family life.